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Beyond Aluminium Industries


Forster Home

Forster Home - Interiors

Working with Rui Rosa designs, we were tasked with producing realistic renders to help the client visualise and capture the designers intent. Head over to Rui Rosa Designs to view the finished product.

Beyond Aluminium Industries

Beyond Aluminium Industries - Boardroom

Beyond Aluminium Industries showing the possibilities of their products by incorporating them into the design of this Boardroom which was designed by Rui Rosa Designs.


Embraced - Perth New Children's Hosptial Sculpture

Underway Contracts were contracted to produce renderings with a more artistic approach for the initial tender stage. The design and build was a collaboration between artist Monique Tippett and Pavel Perina. Visit the artists' respective websites for more information about the sculpture.

Petra St

Petra St - Work In Progress

Our good friends at JUO have kindly allowed us to visualise one of their projects to help broaden our skills relating to exterior and interior architecture.

Situated on a narrow block is a playful arrangement of contrasting materials and forms in this two-storey residence. An organic timber clad structure in landscaped surrounds is the prelude to the floating concrete box of the main residence. Whilst the external form of this home manifests itself as this box framing the first floor volume, the internal arrangement of spaces creates two solid pavilions which are linked by glass.

All the details and information on this wonderful design and build can be found on JUO's website.